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"Cindy Ludlam has created an integrated and fully actualized exhibit in which light, sound, structure, color, movement, and stillness are equally profound. While creating the exhibited images Ludlam would engage in chanting and meditation, an act which enabled her to move beyond the boundaries of self. Ludlam's artwork begins with an oil painting that she creates while chanting. The images have abstract qualities and appear to transmogrify between clouds, water, single cell life forms, natural formations in ice, and the movement of insects. 

Ludlam became inspired to integrate art forms from the necessity of photographing her work and then putting it into the computer. Her digital work derives from what she describes as, 'a way for me to move space intuitively. I would move space while chanting that way and it seemed to really work with the mantra. Space could move quicker like how the words moved and then I would freeze that image and go back to painting."

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